Location of Rosobrnadzor: 127994, Moscow, st.

Location of Rosobrnadzor: 127994, Moscow, st.

g) work that is a contribution to solving problemsecology and nature protection;

h) research and development,promoting efficiencythe real sector of the economy;

i) scientific and technical research anddevelopment for defense and securitycountries whose results are used forcreation of new military and special equipment.

2. Nominated for the awardwork is accepted for consideration if there ismaterials and documents confirmingachieved results and their implementation atpractice at least a year before the admission dateworks.

3. Prizes are awarded according todecision of the Government of the Russian Federation onbased on the proposals of the Interdepartmental Councilfor the award of the prizes of the Government of the RussianFederation in the field of science and technology (hereinafter -Council).

4. Annually, in January, the Council announcesthrough the media on holdingthe next competition of works for the awards.

5. The advice is constantlyacting advisory body, createdMinistry of Education and Science of the RussianFederation for the purpose of reviewing works, includingorganization of their expertise and preparationproposals for the award of prizes.

The council is formed from among the most prominent andreputable scientists and specialists in variousfields of science and technology.

The Council consists of a presidium and sections oncertain areas of science and technology (hereinafter -section).

6. For consideration of works on closedThere is a branch in the structure of the Council.

The procedure for determining works on closed topicsfor the awarding of prizes is established by the Council.

7. Organizational supportthe Council’s activities are carried out by the Ministryeducation and science of the Russian Federation.

8. The premium includes a monetary part,diploma and badge of honor of the laureate of the prize.

9. The laureate of the prize has the right to repeatbe nominated for an award no earlier thanafter 5 years.

II. The procedure for the nomination of works for competitionprizes

10. Nomination of works for competitionawards are carried out by the stateauthorities and organizations and provides for thempreliminary and comprehensive publicdiscussion.

11. The body of state power,organizations can only nominate onework for the award.

12. If the performer of the work isteam of authors, composition of award seekersshould not exceed 10 people.

13. Determination of the applicant or compositionapplicants from the total number of job performersis based on the assessment of creativethe contribution of each of the applicants by secretvoting at meetings of scientists, scientific andscientific and technical councils or in teamsorganizations where theJob.

14. It is not allowed to be included in the compositionapplicants for persons:

a) carried out in the process of performing workonly administrative and / or organizationalfunctions;

b) awarded other prizes for this work,established by the President of the Russian Federationor the Government of the Russian Federation;

c) included in the group of authors,performed other work put forward in the sameyear for the Government PrizeOf the Russian Federation in the field of education and(or) awards of the Government of the Russian Federationin the field of science and technology for young scientists.

15. If a prize is awardedto the team of authors, the monetary part is dividedequally between the laureates of the prize, and the diploma andthe honorary badge of the laureate of the prize is awarded to everyoneof the laureates.

16. Work that did not pass the competition,may be nominated for an award yetonce. At the same time, paperworkproduced anew.

17. Job nominated for competitionawards, with a cover letter andnecessary materials and documentsrepresented by a public authorityor organization to the Council no later than March 31 of the year,for which it is awarded.

List and samples attached to the workdocuments, as well as the requirements fortheir registration are determined by the Council and annuallypublished in the media atthe announcement of a competition of works forcompetition for prizes.

All work is done in Russian.

18. List of works approved by the Councilto participate in the competition, published in the mediamass media indicating the applicants are notlater than 3 months before the award of prizes.

III. The order of consideration of works nominated forcompetition for prizes

19. After the completion of the acceptance of works atcompetition for awards Advice based on recommendationssections directs the submitted work toexpertise. The purpose of the examination is to assessthe importance of the proposed work and its relevancethe criteria in paragraphs 1 and 2of this Regulation.

The examination is organized by the Council and carried outleading organizations of the relevantprofile or experts from among prominent scientists andspecialists in relevant fields of science andtechniques defined by the sections of the Council.

If a conflict of interest is foundthe expert is replaced.

The result of the examination is drawn up in the formexpert opinion, which is signedthe head of the lead organizationthe relevant profile or the person executinghis duties, or experts from among prominentscientists and specialists.

The results of the examination before the adoption by the Councildecisions are not subject to disclosure.

20. Consideration of work by sectionsis carried out taking into account the results of the examination.

21. The sections are composed of membersCouncils, as well as scientists and specialists, are notwho are members of the Council. Number of membersCouncils in one section cannot exceedone third of the total number of members of the sections.

The result of the consideration is set out in the protocolsection, which is signed by the chairmansection or presiding over the meetingsection and section secretary.

The information contained in the protocol,are not subject to disclosure.

22. Members of the awarding sectionsdo not advance.

IV. Procedure for determining works for awardprizes

23. Discussion on the awardThe prizes take place in 2 stages at the meetings of the Council.

Discussion of works takes place openly byfree exchange of views. The right to speakeach member of the Council has.

24. At the first stage,all the works received for the awards.

On the results of consideration of works at the meetingCouncil leaders reportcorresponding sections.

For further consideration, works are allowed,received by secret ballot at leasttwo thirds of the votes of the members of the Council,those present at the meeting, plus 1 vote.

Works admitted for further consideration(second stage), published in the mass mediainformation and undergo a comprehensive publicdiscussion in organizations identifiedthe corresponding sections.

25. In the second step, the Councilreviews the admitted work and acceptsaward decision based on reportsheads of the respective sections and taking into accountpublic comment.

A work is recommended for the award of the prize,received by secret ballot at leasthalf of the votes of the members of the Council,those present at the meeting, plus 1 vote. If aaccording to the results of voting, the number of works,received at least half of the votes plus 1vote will be greater than the number of awards tothe awarding of prizes is recommended for works,received the most votes from membersOf the Council attending the meetingrelation to other works.

26. The Council submits proposals forawarding prizes to the Government of the RussianFederation in the prescribed manner until February 15the year following the year in whichprizes are awarded.

After the adoption by the Government of the RussianFederation of decisions on jobseekers is formedretained fileokay.

V. Presentation of prizes

27. Prize-winning personsawarded the honorary title of laureate of the prizeOf the Government of the Russian Federation in the regionscience and technology, money is transferredawards and an award set consisting offrom the diploma and badge of honor of the laureate of the prize.

Reward kits are presented in a solemnenvironment no later than December 31 of the year followingthe year for which the awards are awarded.

The award winner’s diploma is signedChairman of the Government of the RussianFederation and certified by the sealThe Government of the Russian Federation withthe image of the State Emblem of the RussianFederation.

The award winner’s badge of honor is worn onright side of the chest.

28. Transfer of money to the laureatespart of the award is carried out by theeducation and science of the Russian Federation.

29. Diploma and badge of honor of the deceasedPrize Winner or Award Winnerare transferred posthumously to his family, and the moneypremiums – by inheritance in the manner prescribedthe legislation of the Russian Federation.



dated December 24, 2013 N 1391


In accordance with the Federal Law of July 272010 N 210-FZ “” On the organization of the provision ofstate and municipal services “”(Collection of legislation of the RussianFederation, 2010, N 31, art. 4179; 2011, N 15, Art. 2038; No. 27, Art. 3880; N29, art. 4291; 30, Art. 4587; 49, Art. 7061; 2012, N 31, Art. 4322; 2013, N 14,Art. 1651; No. 27, Art. 3477, art. 3480; 30, Art. 4084), Rulesdevelopment and approval of administrativeregulations for the provision of stateservices approved by the decreeOf the Government of the Russian Federation of May 16, 2011 No.N 373 (Collected Legislation of the RussianFederation, 2011, N 22, art. 3169; 35, Art. 5092; 2012, N 28, Art. 3908; N36, art. 4903; N 50, Art. 7070; 52, Art. 7507), I order:

1. Approve the attached Administrativeregulations for the provision of the Federal Service forsupervision in the field of education and sciencepublic service for the recognition of educationand (or) qualifications obtained in a foreignstate.

2. To recognize as invalid the order of the Ministryeducation and science of the Russian Federation from 4February 2013 N 62 “” On approvalAdministrative regulations for the provisionFederal Service for Supervision in the Fieldeducation and science public services forrecognition of documents of foreign states onlevel of education and (or) qualifications atthe territory of the Russian Federation “”(registered by the Ministry of JusticeRussian Federation June 11, 2013,registration N 28781).

3. Control over the execution of this orderto charge the Deputy Minister V.Sh. Kaganov

The ministerD. V. LIVANOV


Approvedby order of the Ministry of Education and ScienceRussian Federation of December 24, 2013 N 1391



Subject of regulation

1. Administrative regulationsprovided by the Federal Service for Supervision ineducation and science of stateservices for the recognition of education and (or)qualifications obtained in a foreignstate (hereinafter – the Regulation), determines the termsand the sequence of administrative proceduresand actions when providing the specifiedpublic services by the Federal Service forsupervision in the field of education and science (hereinafter -Rosobrnadzor). Circle of applicants

2. Applicants for the provisionpublic service for the recognition of educationand (or) qualifications obtained in a foreignstate (hereinafter – foreign education and(or) foreign qualifications) areholders of the specified education and (or)qualifications or their legal representatives, orauthorized by the owners of foreigneducation and (or) foreign qualificationsor their legal representatives of the person,acting on the basis ofin the prescribed manner of powers of attorney (hereinafter -applicant). Requirements for the procedure for informingon the provision of public services

3. Information supportrecognition in the Russian Federation of a foreigneducation and (or) foreign qualificationscarried out by the national informationcenter, the functions of which are performed by the organization,authorized by the Government of the RussianFederation.

——————————– Part 14 of Article 107 of the Federal Law of 29December 2012 N 273-FZ “” On education inOf the Russian Federation “” (Collectionlegislation of the Russian Federation, 2012, N 53,Art. 7598; 2013, N 19, Art. 2326; 23, Art. 2878; 30, Art. 4036; 48, Art. 6165).

In accordance with the order of the GovernmentRussian Federation dated June 26, 2012 N 1089-rauthorized organization carrying outfunctions of a national clearing house forinformation support of the procedurerecognition of foreign education and (or)foreign qualifications, determinedfederal state budgetary scientificinstitution “” Chief Stateexpert center for education assessment “” (hereinafter -Glavexpertcenter).

——————————– Collection of legislation of the RussianFederation, 2012, N 27, art. 3819.

Informing is carried out by the followingways:

via the official website of Rosobrnadzorand the official website of Glavexpertcenter (hereinafterrespectively – the official website of Rosobrnadzor,official website of Glavexpertcenter),federal state informationsystem “” A single portal of state andmunicipal services (functions) “” (hereinafter – the Unifiedportal);

through the use of telephone communications;

directly in the buildings of Rosobrnadzor andGlavexpertcenter with the use of fundsvisual information, including informationstands and communication facilities withuse of information and communicationtechnologies;

Location of Rosobrnadzor: 127994, Moscow, st.Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya, 16.

Phone / fax: (495) 608-61-58.

Rosobrnadzor Call Center:(495) 984-89-19.

Rosobrnadzor work schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – from10.00 to 17.00

break – from 13.00 to 14.00.

The official website of Rosobrnadzor:

Location of Glavexpertcenter: 115419,Moscow, st. Ordzhonikidze, 11, bldg. 9, of. thirteen.

Phone: (495) 649-80-72.

Fax: (495) 665-00-15.

Working hours of Glavexpertcenter:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – from 09.00 to18.00

Friday – from 09.00 to 16.30

break – from 13.00 to 14.00.

Official website of Glavexpertcenter:

The official website of the Single Portal:

State service is providedauthorized structural unitRosobrnadzor (hereinafter referred to as the Office).

The office is located at: 117997, Moscow,st. Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya, 16.

Reference telephone of the Department – (495) 608-61-21.


Public service name

4. The name of the stateservices – recognition of foreign education and(or) foreign qualifications (hereinafter -public service). Namefederal executive body,providing public service

5. Provision of stateservices are provided by Rosobrnadzor.

By decision of Rosobrnadzororganizational, technical and analyticalproviding a public service canbe assigned to the subordinate to Rosobrnadzororganizations.