Terms of the program – from October 25 to November 8, 2014.

Terms of the program – from October 25 to November 8, 2014.

Experts believe that if parents decide to send their child to study in an English school, they should start by contacting a counseling or educational agency, which, according to the director of the UK Study Center, “will advise on application deadlines, school selection and provide samples of entrance tests for training and textbooks “. Gabbitas Education is sure that parents will especially need the help of a specialist if they do not speak English.

“Parents who choose not to turn to counselors should not only be fluent in English, but also be brilliant in the subject. The counselor looks at the child’s level of knowledge, notes how he or she expresses his or her thoughts in English, and offers several options. After all, a child may not be accepted to school, “said the deputy director of the Department of Education Abroad BSI Group. “Every school tries to select a student better, failures are most often due to the fact that there was a stronger candidate,” explained Julia Nikishena.

The expert is convinced that before sending a child to study in Britain for a long time, it is also better for parents to find out how the child feels away from home. According to her, summer schools for learning English in Britain are suitable for this.

“It happens that a child comes back after summer school and says that he wants to study in England. And it happens that he categorically does not want to and is even afraid to think about it. That is, you can already predict how he will behave if he is sent to study for a long time, and at the same time tighten the tongue, “she said.

However, some parents prepare their child to study in the UK through native language classes. “We are often asked to find a specialist who will live with the family during the holidays or even for a year and prepare the child to study in the UK,” she said.

BSI Group’s deputy director of education abroad added that the consulting company could also organize a study tour for parents and children. “We arrange a tour for parents so that they and the child can see the school, assess the living conditions, think about whether the child will like it or not. Living conditions should be suitable for the child,” she said. In addition to living conditions, she said, for some parents it is important that the school be same-sex – “where only boys or only girls study.”

The director of the UK Study Center recommends that parents who choose a school for their child pay attention to what the specialists and students who study there say about it. “The main factors to consider are the academic performance of the school, the list of universities and specialties that school graduates choose, the availability of interesting sports and conditions for creativity, the percentage of foreign students, including compatriots, good living conditions, convenient location of the school “- she said.

The Gabbitas Education specialist, in turn, advises parents when choosing a school to focus not only on reviews about the school, but also on the characteristics of the child. “All children are different, and some need more attention, and some adapt quickly. One child will feel better in a big school, another needs a more family environment. Academic performance is also very important, a middle-aged child will not feel comfortable in a school where all children have strong abilities, ”she explained.

In order to register a child for school, a certain set of documents is required. “It is the same for almost all schools,” said Irina Naumova.

“The set of documents required for admission to the school is standard: a positive characterization from the school and a report card, the advantage will be the presence of diplomas for participation in competitions, contests, etc. Also for admission will have to pass entrance tests, which differ in different schools The minimum program is a simple English test, the maximum program (for the strongest school) is a test in English, mathematics, science and a short interview, “added the director of the UK Study Center.

In addition, as noted by Julia Nikishena, for admission, all schools are asked to fill out a registration form and pay a registration fee of 120-250 pounds (136-285 euros).

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Author: Evgenia Vlasova

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A-priori Agency invites children under 17 to England to learn English

Autumn vacation 2014 in England

A-priori Educational Agency invites children aged 10 to 17 to the English holidays in England to study English under the Harrow House International College program. Autumn holidays in England will help your child learn English and have an unforgettable time. Harrow House International College offers children 15 hours of English a week. Lessons are held in the morning; After lunch, children are busy with a rich entertainment program, which includes tennis, badminton, basketball, benchball, handball, cricket, mini golf, swimming, volleyball, etc. During their stay at the school for children, 1 full-day excursion is organized (Saturday). The Harrow House Language Center was opened in 1969. For 40 years, the school has accepted children from 60 countries. The year-round language center is located in the center of Swanage, a 10-minute walk to the sandy beach and all the main attractions of the city. Swanage is an English resort town with numerous sandy beaches, providing a warm welcome to all tourists and guests of the city. It is located in an environmentally friendly and safe area of ​​England. The school has 36 modern classrooms, a multimedia center with internet access, a library, a cafeteria, a lounge with satellite TV, a heated pool, a theater, a squash court, and a fitness club. table tennis, mini golf, tennis courts, billiards, gym, badminton courts, volleyball, basketball, handball. The children live in a residence on the territory of the school with three meals a day. Terms of the program – from October 25 to November 8, 2014. The cost of a 2-week stay program for 1 student is £ 1,500 (an additional visa fee of £ 85 and a flight of £ 270). Applications are accepted until September 15. Registration is free. For more information, contact the A-priori agency to Natalia Demchenko by phone. +38 (097) 760-82-16, e-mail:, Skype: natalia.gyryk or to the head of the group Victoria Pantyushenko by phone. +38 (097) 839-51-55.


The Victor Pinchuk Foundation accepts applications for grants to study at the best universities

Grants for master’s studies abroad

On December 1, 2013, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation began accepting applications for the fifth time from potential candidates for participation in the competitive selection of the World Studies program. As part of the project, which aims to form a new generation of Ukrainian professional elite, the winners of the competition – talented young Ukrainians under the age of 35 – will receive grants from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation for master’s degree programs at the world’s top 200 universities. world rankings QS and The Times Higher Education. Acceptance of documents and online registration will continue on the program website from December 1, 2013 to May 15, 2014. First of all, this year the applications of those who plan to study in the following areas will be supported: agricultural sciences, ecology and environmental protection, law, public administration, alternative energy and aerospace engineering. The Foundation will also consider grant applications in other areas, but potential applicants will be required to provide a justification for supporting study abroad in their chosen field. Grants from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation will be awarded to the most successful candidates selected by a special independent jury during an open nationwide competition. To receive a grant, potential candidates must independently select a master’s program and apply for it, preparing all the necessary documents, passing additional preparatory courses and passing language tests, as well as present to the jury of “World Studies” their vision of applying the knowledge upon return to Ukraine. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation expects that after completing their studies abroad, all grant recipients will return to Ukraine and work in the specialty for at least 5 years. Grants from the Foundation are primarily used to pay for university tuition, textbooks, and health insurance. The size of the grant will be set separately for each case, taking into account the needs and achievements of the student. Most grants will cover up to 60% of the total amount needed, but not more than 50 thousand. dollars for the entire academic period (1-2 years). Students will be required to cover the remaining expenses at their own expense or at the expense of the sponsor. Applicants who have entered the University of Cambridge (UK), the University of Pittsburgh School of Law (USA), or the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) will be able to obtain other funds for training from charitable foundations that support these educational institutions. This option is possible thanks to agreements on co-financing of students’ education within the framework of the World Studies project concluded by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation with these charitable organizations. Detailed information on the conditions of participation in the competition, the necessary documents and recommendations for the selection of master’s programs and countries of study, as well as general information about the peculiarities of education in these countries can be found on the World Studies program website: