Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves.

Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves.

With the advent of discount stores, a gradual decline began in the cathedrals mail order wife asian of edible delights. Today more and more German cities are rediscovering their historic market halls.

Germany’s market halls
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Holidaymakers enjoy an atmosphere that most thought would only exist in Florence and Barcelona. And a stroll through the most beautiful covered gourmet paradises in the republic has its charm.

The newcomer: Market hall number 9 in Berlin

A prime example is the market hall number 9 in Berlin-Kreuzberg. For a long time it was considered the most magnificent of the once 14 numbered Berlin market halls. In the end, of course, only stagnation and decay reigned in the 120-year-old Gründerzeit gem. In 2011, a residents’ initiative made the change: Since then, there has been market activity under the cast-iron pillars again. For the time being two days a week – Fridays and Saturdays – there are 35 traders: the Ziegenhof operator is building his cheese pyramids next to the Brandenburg organic gardener,

the smell of the fish smokehouse extends to the stand with the Teltower turnips. Many farm shops and organic farms were encouraged by the committed operators and on Sundays there is room for exhibitions and culture. The dream of the number 9 makers: that the small, artisanal businesses would later fill the hall with life every working day. The Marktkantine has already achieved this as the first tenant. There are now three dishes to choose from every day.

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Always there: Stuttgart market hall

Olives from Greece, honey from Turkey, fresh Italian noodles: as the only German city dwellers, the people of Stuttgart never had to do without them. Because the Swabian metropolis has faithfully maintained its Art Nouveau market hall over the years. Today locals and guests alike thank the city. In the wonderful Art Nouveau building on Dorotheenstrasse, over 40 dealers offer delicacies. Directly opposite the old castle, the glass roof arches over exposed beams

and floods salads like fruit with mild daylight. Would you like an Italian porchetta (roast suckling pig) from the butcher Attila or a shiny sea bream from one of the appetizing stalls in the fish corner? While strolling through the rows of stands, you will discover wild asparagus, bundled rocket leaves, real tomatoes of the favorite variety Bernese Rose. And of course the olives from Mallorca – these are the small, firm ones. With all the delicacies you shouldn’t miss to take a look at the gallery. From up there you not only have the most beautiful view of the market bustle below: Anyone looking for a stylish souvenir will come to Merz & Benzing will surely also find something up there.

Germany’s most beautiful? Alte Markthalle Kassel Which market hall is Germany’s most beautiful? Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves. But the Alte Markthalle Kassel is definitely a gem. And that is not only due to the magnificent building, a renaissance building in Wildemannsgasse, but also to the around 70 excellent businesses under the historic roof. They still exist under the glass roof of the historic Marstall, the classic butchers like the country butcher’s shop Koch from Calden with their much-vaunted Ahlen Worscht, plus small cheese dairies, vegetable farmers from the surrounding area and country bakers, who also deserve this name because they are not just a bakery operate. The Silber bakery from Niestetal is one of them – their bacon cake is simply excellent. There are also several restaurants on the upper floor, outside there is a farmers market in the open space from Thursday to Saturday mornings. Survived thanks to guest workers: Kleinmarkthalle Frankfurt

Kleinmarkthalle? Even many Frankfurters have never been there and certainly not holiday guests. The town’s small market hall with its hidden entrance is inconspicuously located between Römerberg and the Zeil shopping mile and its huge department stores.

What a contrast: In the outwardly unappealing market hall from the 1950s, it is more like a bazaar. And guest workers from Turkey and Italy were probably also the ones who, from the seventies, made the gentle change "the retail market" ushered into a gourmet paradise. They didn’t want canned ravioli, they wanted fresh radicchio, and needed bundles of parsley, couscous and harissa. All of this is offered by the 50 stallholders, many of whom are now yesterday’s guest workers. And of course there are stalls in one corner selling all the ingredients for the famous Frankfurter "Semolina sauce" that traditionally includes seven herbs. Just because of the folklore you should have experienced the atmosphere – where else can you hear the unadulterated "Blue buck"-Babbling with a gentle Greek accent?

Cave of the delicatessen lion: Schrannenhalle Munich

Where were all the halls when people preferred to go to the discounter? It was in Munich "Schranne" Neatly stacked in the building yard. For decades, the cast-iron columns of the 120-year-old market hall dimmed. The Schrannenhalle has been back on Viktualienmarkt since 2005. After the first investor’s belly landing with a mixture of variety show and currywurst, the current operator is now trying a chic delicatessen gourmet concept. The main tenant is Munich delicatessen lion Michael Käfer. Next to his "Delicatessen market" A Styrian shop, an olive oil stand, lots of wine and at least a fruit and vegetable stand from the Viktualienmarkt also attract visitors to the delicatessen stamp. There is even an outlet for the Munich restaurant legend Tantris. Part of the concept is that you can try many of the fine products on site: from the wrap to the fish soup to the complete menu in the Käfer restaurant on the gallery – the favorite place for everyone who likes to stand above each other.

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Conflicts arise in every partnership. In some relationships, a wrong expression on the partner’s face is enough and the house blessing hangs crooked for days. In every second argument, such couples discuss whether a separation might not be best. With others, love is so hard-wearing that crises weld together rather than separate. On the other hand, some couples seem to have little potential for conflict. However, there is a silent agreement there to keep love stable by living more next to each other than together. Whether a relationship has a future cannot be predicted with absolute certainty. But there are a number of characteristics that indicate a trend. Take the test and see if your love is invulnerable or on thin ice. Photo show His body language exposes him

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Having fun in sex is becoming more and more important. (Photo: archive) If society changes, it also has consequences for love life: A new culture of the erotic is emerging. Social researcher Matthias Horx has seven sex styles for his study "Sexstyles 2010" determined on behalf of the adult entertainment group Beate Uhse. "Staging and individualization are becoming important components of love life" says Horx. Not only self-confident women formulate their claims, meanwhile, bad sex is a reason for separation even among the generation over 50. The preferences of the different sex types:

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"Sex is no longer prohibited"

Teens between the ages of 14 and 20 know today "Know about sex much earlier and in more detail than any generation before". The "over-informed beginners" get advice on the youth phone or in Internet forums and grow up with erotic advertising campaigns and condom advertising. "In this media world, sex for young people is no longer wicked or forbidden" says Horx. But with "first time" they are just as insecure as their contemporaries of earlier decades.

Sex as a hobby

Couples and singles between 30 and 50 are classified under the sex type in sociology "High performer" together. Sex and an erotic charisma have an important function for her self-image and her appearance. The personality profile therefore includes perfect appearance, youthfulness, sportiness and fitness. They see sex as a hobby.

Older people celebrate sexual revolution

Women and men aged 50 and over enjoy their relationships very consciously, Horx counts them among them "Sex gourmets". "You belong to the first generation of older people who say of themselves: "We are sexually free!" writes the futurologist. Having sexual needs and living them out is no longer the prerogative of youth alone. That is the second that "silver" sexual revolution, says Horx.

Freedom instead of marriage

In their own perception, the 50-year-olds feel more like 35, the 65-year-olds as the 50-year-olds. This changed perception has a massive impact on the economy, society, consumption and sex, the researcher sums up. The number of people over 75 who separated from their partners is now twice as high as it was ten years ago. Women in particular would give her "unsatisfactory married life" up and decided instead of the "Golden wedding" for new freedoms.

Unfulfilled sex as a reason for separation

Separation behavior is also changing increasingly. According to Horx, bad sex has become one of the most common reasons for separation. This is especially true for younger couples. Because the importance of lived sexuality increases massively for the relationship. No wonder, because a fulfilling sex life – regardless of age – has been shown to have a positive effect on health and many other areas of life.

Good sex makes you happy

As a recent study has shown, sexually active women are far more satisfied with their lives than sexually dissatisfied women. Another development that Horx identified: According to the sociologist, the divorce rate is falling again and the choice of partner is becoming more professional. The reason: The times until the decision for a life partner has become much longer in recent years.

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Jealousy is poison for a partnership – in many ways. (Photo: archive)"Lovesickness? It passes quickly." Somebody who wants to comfort you after the great disappointment is usually like this or something like that. But it’s not that fast. If there was even an affair, the cheated sufferers for months from mental and physical complaints. This was the result of a study by the Institute for Psychology at the University of Göttingen on behalf of the news magazine Focus. "The affair is a traumatic experience for the cheated" says the head of the study, Dr.